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The Cup'ital Club

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Join the Cup'ital Club, a private community for tea enthusiasts who crave connection, exclusivity, and a perfect cup. Share tea tips, recipes, and stories with like-minded individuals, and get access to special perks and events. Let's brew meaningful connections, one cup at a time.

Group Rules

Respectful Communication

Treat others with kindness and respect in all interactions, including messages, comments, and posts.

Tea-related topics only

Keep discussions focused on tea, tea-related topics, and community building. Avoid off-topic conversations.

No self-promotion

Refrain from promoting your own products, services, or businesses unless explicitly approved by the group admin.

No Spamming

Do not share unsolicited links, images, or content that is not relevant to the group's purpose.


Respect the privacy of group members and do not share personal information or sensitive topics outside the group.

No negativity

Maintain a positive and supportive environment. Criticism or negative comments are allowed, but must be constructive and respectful.

Copyright infringement and trademark

When sharing others people’s posts, images and other content, do not infringe on their copyright or claim other people’s materials as your own.

Respect differences

Embrace diversity and differences in opinions, beliefs, and perspectives.

Admin decisions are final

The group admin reserves the right to make final decisions on group rules, moderation, and membership.

Have fun

Remember to enjoy the community and have fun while sharing your passion for tea!

Recipe Sharing

Members may share recipes that feature Cup'ital Tea products only. Please refrain from sharing recipes that use other tea brands or products.


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  • April 11, 2024


  • Ren

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