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Cup'ital Tea Mission

Black women-owned small business

two cups of tea

Cup’ital Tea is a Black woman-owned tea brand offering specially handcrafted loose leaf tea and herbal tea blend.

Step into the world of Cup'ital Tea, where a harmonious blend of culture, passion, and commitment awaits you. As a black woman-owned small business, our mission is simple yet powerful: to share the goodness of quality tea with our cherished community.

Fueled by our unwavering love for tea and its multitude of health benefits, we embark on a global quest to source only the finest tea leaves, herbs, and spices. Each infusion in our collection is carefully curated, ensuring a truly remarkable tea experience for every discerning palate.

At Cup'ital Tea

Beyond our delectable teas, we take pride in being a beacon of support for our community. Cup'ital Tea serves as a platform for minority businesses, championing the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity. Our commitment extends far beyond the tea leaves; we're here to uplift, empower, and create a thriving ecosystem for all.

cup'ital tea cup
cup'ital tea jasmine tea
tea served on a decorated table
chamomile charm cup'ital tea herbal tea
cup'ital tea herbal tea

Fresh Cup

Dive into the enchanting world of tea exploration with us, where every cup holds a story and a connection to the heritage of tea culture. Our team of experts is eager to guide you on this enchanting voyage, helping you discover your perfect cup—one that aligns beautifully with your unique taste and desires.

Friendly Brand

When you embark on this tea-filled odyssey with us, expect nothing but utmost professionalism, respect for privacy, and an unbridled enthusiasm for our craft. Our dedication sets us apart within the industry, adding a touch of magic to each cup we deliver.

Within the heartwarming atmosphere of Cup'ital Tea, creativity thrives among our teams, ensuring each creation is truly special, both for us and our cherished customers. Embracing an open door policy, we cherish every staff member's voice, fostering an egalitarian environment that welcomes fresh ideas at every step of production—resulting in truly unique tea blends, time after time.

Our commitment to integrity remains unwavering, as we explore intriguing collaborations with local partners and embrace the thrill of experimenting with new flavors, always in pursuit of offering fascinating options that elevate your tea experience.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey. With hearts full of gratitude, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you, making your tea moments cherished and memorable. Cheers to tea, unity, and a future filled with the magic of Cup'ital Tea!

Sip by sip, we create moments to savor; come, be a part of our tea tale. ☕🌟🍂

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